Flooring and wall coating solutions for industrial, commercial, public facilities and residential areas.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring & Floor Coatings In Singapore

We are one of the leading Industrial Flooring service provider in Singapore. Durable, hardwearing and chemical resistant Epoxy Flooring are suitable for a wide of range of industrial applications.
In need of high-quality epoxy flooring Singapore? If you are looking for a reliable supplier of industrial flooring, go no further than Epont Kossan Chemicals Pte Ltd. Our years of experience and dedication to quality have made us the go-to epoxy flooring solution provider. If you need floor coatings Singapore, why go with Epont Kossan Chemicals Pte Ltd? We are a well-known and respected business and are pleased to provide our customers with the finest epoxy flooring solutions. Warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, and more can all benefit from the expertise of our qualified technicians, who have extensive experience installing floor coatings Singapore. Superior Epoxy Floor Coating Installation Services We offer epoxy flooring solutions built to last and engineered to function exceptionally well in industrial settings since we know how important it is to have dependable flooring in these settings. Our epoxy coatings are manufactured from top-tier supplies, making them suitable for use in harsh industrial settings due to their chemical resistance, high foot traffic, impact, and wear. In addition to being durable, our epoxy flooring options require little in the way of upkeep. Industrial Flooring Solutions Tailored to Your Needs Epont Kossan Chemicals Pte Ltd is committed to delivering individualized services to our clients. To create an epoxy flooring solution that meets your specific goals, price, and schedule, our staff will consult with you to thoroughly understand these factors. Choose from various colors, finishes, and textures to design floor coatings Singapore that complements your personal taste and improves the look of your industrial environment. Get in Touch with Us Today for All Your Epoxy Flooring Singapore Needs! Are you prepared to improve your factory floors with superior industrial flooring? From conceptualization and implementation to maintenance and assistance, our staff is here to help. In Singapore, we are your go-to epoxy flooring Singapore experts.
Epont Coatings: The Greatest Firm in Industrial Epoxy Flooring for Singapore Industrial operations are characterized by the need for strong, durable and effective flooring solutions. Epont Coatings is a major player in the industrial flooring market of Singapore with a focus on delivering first-rate epoxy floor systems that suits diverse range of uses. Our knowledge covers all warehouses, factories and parking lots which make us the most appropriate choice for any company looking for reliable high-performance industrial floors. Why choose Epont Coating’s products? Epoxy flooring is known to be very strong and resistant which makes it more suitable especially for industries. At Epont Coatings, we take advantage of epoxy’s superior properties to create floors that can withstand heavy traffic, chemical spills and other harsh conditions that are usually found in many industrial environments. We design epoxy floor systems to produce a seamless surface that does not retain water or dirt hence it becoming easy to clean and safe for hygiene. Industrial Flooring Solutions for Warehouses Warehouses require Seamless Flooring materials capable of withstanding constant movements of goods, heavy machinery and forklifts. Our epoxy floors offer both flexibility and strength hence creating surfaces able to withstand day-to-day activities taking place within warehouse premises. This assists us greatly in minimizing maintenance cost since our industrial floors have got high load-bearing capacities with little or no abrasion cases. Factory Flooring: Built to Last In factory set-ups floors must have resistance against several stresses such as mechanical impacts, chemicals exposures and thermal variations among others. It is these situations that Epont Coatings’ epoxy floor systems were designed to tackle head-on. Our industrial floors are chemically strong with temperature tolerance making them ideal products used in general manufacturing plants .These attributes prevent slip offs thereby reducing risks associated workplace accidents. Durable Solutions for Parking Lots Parking lots experience constant movement of cars, motorbikes, oils contamination as well as being left in open areas exposed to various climatic conditions. In Singapore, our parking lots epoxy floors are long-lasting enough and can be able to bear all these challenges. We select this product for both commercial and residential parking facilities because of its durability as well as its aesthetic quality. Furthermore, it only takes a short time for installation thus enabling completion of tasks within the shortest time possible. Why Choose Epont Coatings? Epont Coatings equals high standards in quality and reliability when it comes to industrial flooring. Every project we undertake is testimony to our commitment to excellence. Our use of state-of-the art technology and top-notch materials guarantees the best performance and durability that any epoxy floor solution could achieve. From inception till completion of projects, our team of professionals is dedicated to giving unparalleled service. Singapore’s Premier Epoxy Flooring Provider Epont Coatings is known as the market leading firm in Singapore since it has successfully provided outstanding industrialized floors that meet explicit demands of clients. The huge number of successful projects undertaken so far demonstrate how competent we are in our field at all times without leaving anything behind (following us). For your flooring needs be it warehouse, factory or parking lot do not hesitate but trust Epont Coating who surpasses even what you think may work out as an answer. In conclusion, Epont Coatings should be your first choice when it comes to industrial flooring solutions in Singapore. Our epoxy floor systems have unrivalled durability, safety features and elegance fitting them for different industries like none other can. Contact us today if you want more information about our epoxy floor solutions on how they can benefit your business!

Resin based decorative flooring products for the application on commercial areas.

Decorative cementitious flooring products are able to transform a boring concrete surface to attractive, colourful and pattern design decorative floor finish for both commercial and residential areas.

The HACCP certified food safety system for epoxy and urethane coatings to service food and beverage industries ,the area required high standard of hygiene.

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The combination of colour, glossiness, design and functionality of our products transform any concrete surface into a visually appealing, long lasting both interior and exterior decorative floors and walls.